Parents know their children best. As part of our service we can provide support and information for parents so you know how to help your child at home. Individual therapy programmes are written not only to suit your child needs, but also to be achievable to fit in around a busy family life.

We can provide:

  • Detailed assessment of your child’s communication. This is carried out at school or home, depending on the child’s age and communication needs.
  • Detailed report – useful if other professionals are involved
  • Short summary report – used if a more detailed report is not required
  • Home therapy programme – designed for parents to carry out
  • School/preschool therapy programme – designed for a Teacher Assistant to implement
  • Review appointments – to monitor your child’s progress and update therapy programmes
  • Visit to school/preschool to discuss your child’s communication
  • Therapy sessions – at school or home

As a guide we charge £75 for an initial assessment, and £60 per hour for subsequent work. A detailed report would incur an extra cost. Mileage charges may apply depending on location.

Thank you so much for all you have done for Louis, both in getting his speech going and getting him pointed in the right direction.  Without your intervention, I don't know where he'd be.

— Family of a 4 year old Louis